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About me


Picture of my head(unless something went wrong)

My main skills are physics associated, but it is hard to do a project that is just physics.

I have Software projects, some of them can go in the physics direction. I have mostly used C, Common Lisp, and Julia.

I havent broken into the ‘physical’ projects very well yet, but i am trying.


I am a proponent of people learning how things work, and deinstutionalization of knowledge. Monopolies like copyright and patents have had their use, but they also do damage. In the current day with internet, we can do better.

As such, i am for libre software, and hardware. And have affinity for them, and important projects and communities thereof. For instance the reprap community.

My analytical slant lead me to physics and math, as it is the search of the rules that govern the universe. But as Feynmann said, just because you know the rules of chess, doesnt mean you have any skill playing it.


My email adress is a gmail adress under the name o.jasper. Sentient beings may contact me.

last written: Tue Mar 25 11:14:21 CET 2014

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