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Camcorder planet viewing

movie gpo mto pdgpo_max mto_mulav gpo_mulav

Viewed planets with a cute camcorder, and mucked around with processing the images. Basically finding the relative positions and drawing them ontop of each other. Probably not a great method per-see. See here for some reasoning.. But havent figured something that does more than making using the power of programming to make a vague picture from a pixelated movie.

In the table:

movie:part of the video actually containing the planet.
gpo:"given" position overlay. Uses the average pixel position.
mto:match-template overlay. Uses the best match on the gpo to (perhaps) find the location better.
pdgpo_max:basically used gpo twice. And draws-again with brightnesses based on actual pixels and bot actually drawing a "block" of each pixel, but instead re-draws the original image assuming that is actually responsible.(pretty ad-hoc)
mto_mulav, gpo_mulav:Actually the same as gpo and mto regular, but "multiplicative average", but taking the logarithm first and then exponentialling them. (code>a*b = exp(log(a) + log(b)))

The adorable camcorder responsible:

The camcorder responsible

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